Ongoing Incident on A66 near Middlesbrough

Armed Officers and a Dog Unit are currently attending an ongoing incident on the A66 towards Middlesbrough.

The road has currently been closed towards Middlesbrough on the westbound carriageway just before the Cineworld turn off.

An eyewitness has Told Police Hour that they saw a man getting out of a car on the A66 with his hands above his head before being led away by armed officers.

It is believed a second ongoing incident is also ongoing within Central Middlesbrough

Heavy police activity is reported on Borough Road which is currently closed in both directions.

A large number of police units can be seen outside of the Springfield Pub which was previously named the laurel pub.

Local bus services have announced they have suspended busses along Albert Road, Borough Road, Grange Road and recommend members of the public to use Middlesbrough Bus Station.

Cleveland Police have not yet released a statement.

Second Incident at the Springfield Hotel in Middlesbrough could be linked.