Drone owners will be ordered to register and sit safety tests under clampdown

Drone users will soon be required to register with authorities and sit a safety awareness test under a major clampdown on drones.

The new draft law will provide police officers with new powers to order the user to ground their drones or seize parts of the drone as evidence.

The new laws will be introduced as part of growing concerns over the safety of the devices which have seen aircrafts impacted.

The new drone bill will be published in spring 2018 and will look to create no-fly zones for the devices around airports or heights above 400 feet.

The bill will also force drone operators to use apps so they can access the information needed to make sure any planned flight can be made safely and legally.

Changes to the Air Navigation Order will be used to introduce the safety test and the registration requirement for owners of drones weighing more than 250 grams.

The Government is also working with drone manufacturers to introduce geofencing which is technology which will ensure a virtual fence is put up to prevent the drones operating within restricted areas.