Shocking New Craze challenges youngster to pour boiling water over unsuspecting victims

A Shocking new craze is spreading across social media and encourages youngsters to scald each other with boiling hot water. The only catch is the person who is about to be scalded is completely unaware they are about to be attacked.

Some teens have been left with horrific burns which have required hospital treatment and surgery.

The challenge has been labelled as dangerous began two years ago however urgent warnings have now been issued for the game to stop after a number of people have been left seriously hurt.

What is the Hot Water Challenge?

The Hot Water Challenge is a new craze sweeping across social media, Several young people have been left injured and police believe it could be linked to one death.

The craze spreads via social media and invites youngsters to film themselves pouring scalding hot water over an unsuspecting person. Within some case, teenagers are then challenged to drink the scalding hot water.

Parents are now warning youngsters not to take part in the challenge.

Has the craze reached the UK? 

The craze began in the United States in 2015 and although it has not caught on yet there have been a couple of videos made within the UK showcasing the challenge.

It is vitally important that the craze is stopped dead in the water before any children are hurt here in the UK.

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Trevor Sherwood is the Editor of Police Hour. Trevor studied Crime and Investigation at Teesside Uni and has a background within policing.

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