One-Off £1.5 Million car smashes into barrier

Police are appealing for witnesses after a £1.5 million pound supercar smashed into a barrier in Chichester.

The supercar which is a Pagani Zonda and is a “one-off” collided with the central barrier early on Saturday morning.

The expensive car suffered significant damage when it smashed into the barrier at 7.42am on the westbound A27 at Tangmere.

One-Off £1.5 Million car smashes into barrier 1

A Sussex Police officer said his force believed the car was travelling in convoy with other supercars from Worthing to Chichester, but no other car was present when police arrived at the scene of the crash.

Police confirmed that the driver was not injured in the incident.

PC Peter De Silvo said: “We are appealing to anyone who saw this car driving on the A27, we are hoping someone would remember as it is so distinctive.”