Old Pound Coins spend them quick because you won’t be able to spend them next week

Did you know you have just one week to spend your old one pound coins? Make sure you have one final rummage around for any ones you may have missed.

The old Pound Coin will no longer be legal tender in just one weeks time they will be phased out forever so you need to make sure you have spent all of yours.

Sunday the 15th of October will mark the day that the old cease to be legal tender, in simple terms, you will not be able to spend them anywhere, Not all banks will take them either.

Make sure you have a final rummage for your old coins in money boxes, behind Sofa or under your car sears because once the date passes you won’t be able to spend them.

There is believed to be £420 million of old coins still in circulation, Money that will simply be wiped this time on Sunday.

The pound coin was changed having been in circulation since 1983 as it became far too easy to fake the old coins with one in 30 believed to be fake.

The new 12-sided coin, which entered circulation on March 28, is the most secure in the world.

Shops have now been asked to prioritise giving the new coin within the change with customers having the right to ask for their coin to be changed if they are offered the old one.

Some high street banks and post offices will still allow you to deposit them after October 15th.