Mum who was raped aged 12 forced to share joint custody with her attacker

A rape victim has been ordered to share custody of her child with the man who carried out a sexual attack on her when she was aged 12.

Christopher Mirasolo aged 27 was handed the joint parental rights by a judge within Michigan in the United States after it was announced he was the biological father of the child as a result of raping the boy’s mother.

Mirasolo attacked and raped his 12-year-old victim resulting in the baby being conceived out of rape, Now aged 21 having already suffered the horrific attack she is forced to share custody of her boy.

Mum is now horrified at the prospect of being forced to give the man who raped her as a child visiting rights at the age of eight years old.

The mother who does not wish to be named told NBC News affiliate WDIV. “He was conceived out of rape, but I don’t look at that. He’s my child. He’s a part of me. Not a part of him,” she said.

“I hope he never has any rights to him at all.”