Brave Police Dog wins animal of the year award

Police Dog Finn
Police Dog Finn Star of the Police Twitter Awards

A brave police dog who was stabbed in the line of duty has won animal of the year award.

Eight-year-old German Shepherd Police Dog Finn, and Police Constable Dave Wardell from Hertfordshire were chasing a suspect with a knife through a garden back in October 2016.

Suddenly they were both attacked with a knife leaving Finn with horrific stab wounds to his head and chest. He required four hours of emergency surgery.

PC Wardell was stabbed in the hand and thanks Finn for saving his life.

Finn who is now enjoying retirement will receive a special award from the International Fund for Animal Welfare at the House of Lords.

Finn recently received a similar honour from the RSPCA. As a result of the Incident, a campaign called ‘Finn’s Law’ was set up which called for attacks on police animals to be changed from Criminal Damage to an Aggravated offence with tougher¬†sentences.

Finn will attend the House of Lords and be presented his award by Bill Oddie on October 17th.