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How to use iOS 11 new driving safety mode



The latest apple update has your safety in mind with the new update keeping your hands and mind off your handset while driving.

The new update will place your phone into an automatic Do Not Disturb mode when you are driving. The very clever safety feature will reduce the chances of a driver using the phone behind the wheel.

The clever system will block all notifications from displaying while you are driving and distracting the iPhone user while driving.

The featured is hoped to reduce the number of accidents caused by people texting and talking on the phone while driving.

The feature is called Do Not Disturb While Driving and as soon as you get behind the wheel your phone will be disabled meaning you can’t receive texts or calls while driving.


Your phone screen will be off and you will not be able to see any notifications appear unless you have disabled the mode or tell the phone that you are a passenger and not a driver.

What if I’m waiting for an urgent handsfree call?

The phone is really clever you can allow the phone to accept calls and texts from your favourite contacts within your phone, but they will be required to put the word urgent in the message in order for you to receive it.

Your phone will then send them an automatic message saying that your currently driving and you will contact them as soon as soon as you have stopped driving.

If they urgently need to contact you the user can deactivate your driver safety mode and break the notification barrier by sending another follow-up message with the word ‘urgent’.

you can set up this feature within your personalised control centre at any time and can enable or disable it.

How to turn on Do Not Disturb While Driving mode

1. Open settings

2. Click Do Not Disturb

3. Click Activate under Do Not Disturb While Driving option

4. Then choose whether you want the phone to manually enter the Do Not Disturb mode, so you would have to click it on, or whether you want it to automatically detect when you’re driving.

You can also choose the option to enable the Do Not Disturb when connected to Car Bluetooth, which is something people with fancy Bluetooth cars can enjoy.

5. Scroll down and you can change the auto-reply message that will be sent to people who text you or ring you while you’re driving.

6. The auto-reply by default will only be sent to your contacts that are Favourited, but you can also edit this so you will get notifications from Recent contacts or all contacts – or no one if you want to be alone with the road.

What if I’m a passenger and my phone has disabled?

Well, your phone won’t be able to tell if you’re the driver or the passenger so you’ll need to let it know that you’re the passenger.

When the feature pops up automatically after it has detected you are in a moving vehicle simply swipe the banner and say you are not driving.


The new feature is hoped that iPhone users will stop using their phones behind the wheel and reduce the risk of road accidents caused by people distracted by their phones.


Well, it’s actually against the law to use your mobile phone when driving, so Apple is also preventing you from receiving a fine because using your phone behind the wheel will result in a Fixed Plently Notice of £200 if the police catch you.

So we would strongly advise you keep the feature active on your phone if you are driving for your own safety and the safety of others.



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Cops catch gang of criminals leaving Hartlepool in stolen cars



Recently in Hartlepool there has been an increase in criminals targeting Ford Fiesta cars, because criminals have a device that gets them into the car without the need for a key.

Over recent months up to Three Fiesta at a time have been going missing.

This morning the gang was at it again but this tome they didn’t count on the CDSOU A Relief who this morning recovered not 1; not 2 but 3 Stolen Ford Fiesta motor cars all attempting to leave Hartlepool containing suspected travelling criminals.

Police said “One of the vehicles unfortunately lost control and crashed while the other 2 vehicles had their front tyres stung and limped to a stop with one of the vehicle’s going the wrong way onto the A19 which was stopped by an unmarked vehicle. The driver was detained after a short foot chase and with the assistance of dog section 2 more males were also detained from another vehicle.

“Offences these males were arrested on suspicion of were theft of motor vehicle; drink driving; drug driving; dangerous driving; fail to stop for Police; no insurance and no licence.”



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Police name Steven John Willis following targeted murder



Cleveland Police have this morning named Steven John Willis aged 27 following what is believed to have been a targeted murder.

Steven’s body was found in the road outside of his home in Meadowcroft Road, Normanby.

Locally Steven was also known as Steven Pickering or Picko. There have been floods of tributes on social media.

It is believed Steven was subjected to a violent and targeted attack.

Cleveland Police are currently holding five men in police custody on suspicion of murder.

Police received a 999 reporting a disturbance near Skippers Lane Normanby.

Crime scene investigators are combing the area following the death. Officers responded to the incident just after 10.30pm on April 16th.

It is believed all five men are being held at separate police stations

Local residents have told Police Hour that police have not yet conducted house to house enquires but police remain at the house on the corner of Meadowcroft Road.

The crime scene within the area bas been reduced and now centres around the front garden of Meadowcroft Road and the house in which Steven lived within.

The area in which the incident happened is a very quiet area.

Cleveland Police progressed the investigation very quickly initially announcing three arrests had been made all men aged 20, 22 and 31 all being held on suspicion or murder.

Later it was announced a fourth arrest had been made of a man aged 21.

A fifth arrest of another 21-year-old man was then made late on Tuesday evening.

All five men currently remain in police custody for questioning.

Cleveland Police have not released details surrounding the incident that unfolded however two people aged 17 and 44 are being treated at James Cook Hospital they are in a non-life threatening stable condition.

Anyone with any information is urged to call Cleveland Police on 101.



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Three arrested on suspicion of Murder in Middlesbrough



Three men have been arrested on suspicion of Murder following the discovery of a man in Middlesbrough.

Three men aged 20, 22 and 31 have all been arrested on suspicion of murder following reports of a disturbance near Skippers Lane Middlesbrough.

Crime scene investigators are combing the area following the death. Officers responded to the incident just after 10.30pm last night.

It is believed all three men are being held at separate police stations

A Cleveland Police spokesperson said “Three men, aged 20, 22 and 31, have been arrested on suspicion of the murder of a 27 year old man following an incident in Meadowcroft Road, Normanby at around 10.30pm last night (Monday 16th April).

“They remain in police custody awaiting questioning.  Inquiries into the incident are on- going and we would appeal for anyone who was in the area at the time to contact police via the 101 number quoting Event 66570.”

The focus of the investigation at the moment is on a car parked in the Middle Of Skippers Lane The Gazette On Teesside reporter Keane Duncan Tweeted.

If you have any information please contact Cleveland Police on 101.



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