Lazy drivers: Bins allow drivers to bin rubbish without leaving car

Highways England has introduced plans to stop lazy drivers who can’t be bothered to bin their rubbish.

They are introducing new funnel design bins which will be placed at the Lymm Services allowing drivers to bin rubbish without leaving their vehicles.

The bins will be tested at Lymm Services and then rolled out across the country if they work.

they are looking to extend bins to the M6 if the bins are successful.

They will allow drivers to dispose of rubbish without leaving the car with the bins designed to be the same as the window height of a car.

Highways England removes over 200,000 sacks of rubbish from motorways each year, with the new measures aimed to decrease this.

During a previous trial at Winchester services in 2006, litter was reduced by 25% thanks to the installation of the bins.