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Cops are prepared to reject pay rise to protect the public and policing numbers



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Police Officers across the country are preparing to reject their pay rise unless the government is going to increase the policing budgets.

At the moment cops on the ground fear that the rise put further strains and stress on their operational roles, therefore placing a massive impact on public safety, officer numbers and recruitment into 2018.

Police Hour wrote about the current situation officers are facing and the strains o Chief Constables and Police and Crime Commissioners to re-adjust the budgets to pay for the promised rise from the Conservative Government that must come from your forces crime fighting or recruitment budgets.  

Cops reject the 1% pay rise

Hundreds of Police Officers have now privately contact Police Hour to say they’ll be looking to reject that pay rise if it puts the public at risk with increased officer demand and reduced recruitment.

Cops simply don’t want the pay rise if it means the public will be put at an increased risk, In reality, we want to be able to pay police officers more money to do so policing budgets need to be reviewed and increased we need to ensure policing budgets are correct to ensure this can be achieved.

One Cop told Police Hour “Simply i cannot accept the pay rise if that means there is going to be less cops to do the job, things are already getting stressful there is already less cops on the ground and the work load has never been higher”

“Accepting the 1% Bonus will ensure that this problem will only get worse, undoing all the hard work our senior officers have been doing to try and make things better”.

Terry Wilson Told Police Hour “There should be more Police Officers on better pay, the government are failing in their responsibility to provide a safe controlled environment”

and Natalie Warriner said “The crazy woman 1% is useless. All it will do is increase financial pressure on Police Authorities to meet pay claims that their government grants do not allow for. Reality check is that even fewer officers will be doing the work of many – ridiculous.”

Lifting the pay cap

The conservative government has now lifted the 1% cap on police pay and offered a one off 1% bonus. No further money will be given to the police forces and this money must be found within their own existing budgets. Putting policing within 2017 on a dangerous path.

The great news for those police officer’s who have worked under immense pressure with fewer officers and increased demand who have who has suffered a 1% Pay Cap for many years while doing one of the most challenging jobs and putting their lifes on the line daily with little reward.

The conservative government knew that when announcing the pay cap would be lifted it would always remain a politically motivated headline grabbing move and that would put forces across the country at risk.

Sticking a sticky plaster over policing

A move that would get officers on side and attempt to increase morale, but we firmly believe that this government is simply placing a plaster over the main issue of policing.

The issue is that there is simply not enough cops for the demand placed upon our officers, there is fewer cops for the job and no sign of increasing officer numbers recruitment is simply replacing a small number of officers who’s service has ended. Officers work load is increased and there is less staff and back office staff to support this effectively ensuring there is fewer resources.

The Great news that officers will see 2% extra in their pay packet, however, once the novelty of the extra cash quickly fades the issues that we have fewer cops, increased demand and higher demand on our cops with fewer officers and fewer resources to carry out the role the news of that 2% rise will quickly fade and be replaced with the news once again of underfunded policing budgets.

Forces Budgets!

But simply there is no money in the force’s budgets to fund the 1% rise no further money will be provided and for for smaller forces such as Cleveland Police could cost them £500K much bigger forces will run into the multi million mark.

We are simply Robbing Peter to Pay Paul at the cost of public protection, The pay rise and bonus could result in fewer officers being recruited, and fewer police support staff.

DR Alan Billings Police and Crime Commissioner for South Yorkshire Police expressed his concerns that money must be found from existing budgets which will have an impact on policing.  “The government’s announcement that police officers are to receive a pay rise of 1% plus a ‘bonus’ of 1% has two stings in the tail.

“First, the pay rises are wiped out by the increase in the cost of living that was announced on the same day.

“Second, no new money is being given to cover the cost; therefore Police and Crime Commissioners will have to find the money from within existing budgets. That means the reserves will have to be used. This is a potentially dangerous path since reserves are kept for a reason.

“In South Yorkshire’s case they are there in part to cover costs that arise from both the Hillsborough disaster and child sexual exploitation in Rotherham. Considerable sums of money are involved and the reserves are there in part to pay for the m.”

We all want more money but at what cost?

We all want to see pay increases year on year, cops have suffered a pay cap for many years and it’s fantastic news that the cap has now been lifted, but the government are forcing further 1% to each Cop from each individual forces budget and that will be at a cost to me and you.

There is a number of ways the extra 1% could be funded and that decision will now fall on your local Police and Crime Commissioner who could choose to increase council tax to foot the bill or take a 1% hit to their budgets putting crime and policing at risk.

That 1% will mean there is less funding to reduce crime within your area, there will be less money and increased policing demand. We’d imagine there will be recruitment freezes to pay for the additional 1% or fewer officers recruited to ensure police funding and budgets are protected.

The Chief Constable for Cleveland Police Iain Spittal said: “When I met with the Policing and Fire Minister recently I stressed the point that police officers (and staff) have experienced real term reductions in their salaries over the past seven years and that I wanted to be able to pay them more for the very important role that they undertake. Police officers do a very difficult role and provide a huge contribution within local communities.

“However I also stressed that any increases beyond the budgeted 1 percent increases needed to come with additional money.

“On average, police officer pay makes up over 50 per cent of total force budgets. I will now be working with senior colleagues to establish how this additional cost is met.”

Rethink Police Funding Cuts

Policing budgets need to be funded centrally, Offering officers the increased pay is simply cutting the forces policing budgets and your community will further suffer as a result.

Funding will have to come from your crime budget which will impact policing within your area.

Police and Crime Commissioner Barry Coppinger has criticised the Government for
effectively cutting the police budget to fund a one off bonus to officers.

Mr Coppinger believes police officers and staff should have been awarded a centrally
funded pay rise that better reflected the “incredible” job of work they do.

The Government announced yesterday they are to fund a 1% pay rise for police officers
with a further one-off bonus payment equivalent to another 1% to come from existing
police budgets.

Mr Coppinger said: “It appears the Government is not providing the funding for this
one-off bonus, which in Cleveland is likely to mean a half million pound cut to our
available budget over the next year.

“Instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, the Government should recognise the incredible
job that police officers and police staff do and fund a realistic pay rise.”

Mr Coppinger is writing to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to reconsider what is in effect a cut to police budgets.

“Despite losing over 400 officer posts and over £30m funding in recent years, Cleveland
Police has made tremendous progress which has been recognised by Her Majesty’s
Inspectorate of Constabulary. This includes a financial plan to stabilise officer numbers
and ensure the most vulnerable in society are protected” said Mr Coppinger.

“For the Government to now grab a further £500,000 from our budget is a slap in the face
to hard working officers and staff and the public of Cleveland.

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Who are these Cowards who left horse for dead after crash?



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Do you know who these Cowards are? Police have launched a manhunt after a group of men dumped a horse following a collision with a car. They left the horse for dead.

The horse was left seriously injured during a procession in Great Bridge Road in Bilston on Sunday after she bolted into a vehicle.

Instead of staying with the horse and seeking treatment for the horse they fled the scene and dumped the horse. leaving the horse for dead.

The female brown horse was tragically left to die, without any thought for the horse as they fled the scene and did not check to see if the driver and the family within the car were ok.

The sheer impact of the crash smashed the windscreen of a Volkswagen and left the mare lying in the road. The horse was bleeding heavily.

The horse was attached to a traditional carriage and the men detached the horse from the carriage and fled the scene dragging the carriage with them.

RSPCA Inspector Vicki Taylor, who was called alongside police, said: ‘The horse was lying in the road and bleeding where the smashed windscreen had cut into her front and legs. ‘This was a shocking sight and she was clearly suffering

‘Thankfully the family who were in the car were uninjured but their vehicle was badly damaged. ‘When I arrived, the men with the horse had already left, dragging the trap away with them.

Witnesses provided photos of the owners taking off the trap and leaving the horse in the road. ‘It must have been a shock to be involved in an accident like this but these men essentially abandoned this horse to die.


‘As they left, the men were pictured trying to hide their faces.’ The mare, who is about seven years old, is also underweight but is now recovering at a private boarding establishment in RSPCA care.

Inspector Taylor added: ‘Thankfully there are no obvious broken bones and the equine vet is positive she will recover despite the open wounds which may take a while to start healing.

‘We are now appealing for anyone who may recognise the horse, or the men in these images, to contact us in strictest confidence on the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.’



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The mystery of the missing biscuits and the cop who was dragged over the coals



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A Police Officer was dragged over the coals and faced losing the job he once loved after a tin of biscuits disappeared from a police station in London.

Despite PC Thomas Hooper being arrested and questioned under caution, he was eventually found not guilty of misconduct following a three-day misconduct hearing.

PC Thomas Hooper was also alleged to have applied for a Fixed Penalty Notice issued while he was driving he was driving a police vehicle back to the station in full response mode.

He was also accused of nicking a two-tier tin of biscuits belonging to another officer and then officer a false account relating to the disappearance of that said biscuit tin.

Now PC Hooper has been cleared after no evidence was found on both matters after he was grilled at a three-day hearing.

PC Hooper was suspended and then placed on restricted duties following the incidents in now free to return to full operational duties after what can only be described as a waste of police time and a witch hunt against PC Hooper.

During the hearing panel chairman Naheed Asjad said the public would be concerned about the value of the complaint about the biscuits, which was looked into by other officers and is now being heard at a misconduct hearing.

She said: “You have a sergeant and an inspector and a box of biscuits that have gone missing and the only thing you can come up with is to refer the matter to Directorate of Professional Standards?”

It’s an Utter Disgrace…

Trevor Sherwood Police Hour Founder “It’s a complete disgrace that this matter was referred to the Directorate Of Professional Standards and that the officers within that department upheld a criminal allegation of the theft of a tin of biscuits.

“While policing budgets are stretched the powers that be are wasting thousands of pounds investigating each other for petty offences, for an officer to face losing his job over a missing tin of biscuits is an utter shame.

“This is wasting valuable policing time and amounts to amounts to utterly shameful management from PC Hoopers supervision who believed this was an issue for professional standards.

“These type of investigations can run into the tens of thousands and really they should not be happening, for a truly dedicated and committed police officer to face the loss of his job over biscuits is the real shame of British policing in 2018.”

Now someone hand that cop a tin of biscuits.

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85-year-old murdered in horrific and cowardly attack in her home



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Rosina Coleman aged 85 has been found dead in her home in Romford east London. She was subjected to a horrific and cowardly attack, she suffered serious injuries and sadly died.

She was murdered in her own home, The pensioner was only found when a repair worker attended her home in Ashmour Gardens on Tuesday morning.

Rosina is believed to have been attacked in her home hours before she was found. Very little details have been released by the police.

Credit: Met Police

Detective Inspector Paul Considine, who is leading the murder investigation, described it as “a despicable incident in which the victim, an elderly lady who lived alone, had been subjected to a cowardly assault that left her with serious injuries.”

Det Ins Considine appealed for anyone with information to come forward: “I want to ask anyone who saw or heard anything suspicious to call police immediately; did you hear anyone in distress or notice someone in the area who may have looked out of place?

“Even a fragment of information is beneficial to our investigation.

“It is imperative that we find those responsible for this horrendous offence.”

  • Anyone with information should call the Metropolitan Police on 101.

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