Warning to parents as youth in Hartlepool caught carrying a knife 

Police Pay
Credit: Police Hour.

Parents in Hartlepool are being warned to be aware of what their children are up to during the summer holidays.

The warning comes as officers on Anti-social behaviour patrols observed a group of teenage youths.

It quickly became apparent to the officers that one of the teens had a knife in his possession. 

The group of teenagers where congregating at the York Road entrance to the Burn Valley Park.

Within the last number of months a large number of youths have been gathering within Hartlepool town centre outside the central library on an evening causing Anti-social behaviour.

Cleveland Police stop searched the male and the knife was located and promptly seized by Police.

The male was then taken home to his parents and arrangements were made for him to return to Hartlepool Police Station the following morning.

Cleveland Police have said “We would strongly advise anyone against carrying bladed articles in the public domain.”