UK Government has Cancelled Passports Of More Than 150 Jihadists And Criminals

Armed Police in Northumbria
Armed Police Credit: Northumbria Police

The UK government ensuring they are ‘disrupting’ the techniques to help stop Jihadists and criminals returning to the UK.

So far over 150 people have had their passports cancelled and have been blocking from returning.
Those who have had the passports cancelled are believed to have travelled to the Middle East to join the Islamic State, become Jihadi Brides and other criminals.
Frankly, the government does not want them here in the UK and are doing everything within their power to prevent them from coming back once they leave.

There are a lot of people that the government has found who won’t ever be coming home again, They have been banned from coming back home.

over 850 people have left the UK to fight within the region and become jihadists, half of those have returned to the UK with 130 believed to have been killed.