BREAKING: Center Parcs in Elveden evacuated over ‘suspect device’

Police are currently searching Center Parcs in Elveden after reports of a suspect device.

The area has been shut down and evacuated as precautionary measure after a customer reported overhearing somone mention a suspect device. Thankfully the area was found to be clear following a full search.

Guests have been allowed to return back to those areas that were closed. 

BREAKING: Center Parcs in Elveden evacuated over 'suspect device' 1
Suffolk Police immediately evacuated the site as a precautionary measure and, as part of their protocol, Center Parcs staff searched the premises but no suspicious items have been found.

Officers remained on the scene for a number of hours and found no evidence to  suggest there is a threat to the public.

Guests within the site had been taken to a place of safety within the site and staff due to finish work at 10pm remained on site to assist customers caught up in the incident. 

There is not believed to be a threat to the public. 

Anyone with information is requested to contact police on 101.