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What is #DontDitchTheDogs and how you can help?

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A number of leading frontline police officers and commentators have expressed their fears for public safety as police dog units numbers are quickly declining as part of desperate measures to save money.

The cuts to police budgets, imposed by the Government, have led to senior police officers from forces around the country looking for any means they can to reduce budgets and cut costs wherever possible.

Back in 2013 #DontDitchTheDogs trended on Twitter for a number of hours in the face of Tory cuts to policing and now in 2017, we can report that nearly 75% of police dog units in smaller forces across the country have ditched the dogs.

DontDitchTheDogs is vitally raising awareness of the silent cuts that have been happening to one of the most important operational units in policing, and we must all ensure there are no further cuts to police dog units.

Once again tonight at 8pm police officers and police supports will be raising awareness of planned policing cuts to Police Dog Units while millions is pooled away from vital local policing to fight terror in the capital.

Mike Pannett said “We have the best police service in the world! Time to STOP further reductions to our dogs”.

Massive cuts to policing and dog units

Police Dog units are about to take a massive hit across the United Kingdom. Police dogs are one of the most important members of the policing family.

Police Dogs are used to chase suspects, head into violent situations, on the front line in riots and help in the fight against drugs, police dogs can clear a nightclub for drug dealers in seconds and now we are about to tell them to go away.

There are now 75% fewer dog handlers and dogs within UK police forces meaning dog vans are having to cover areas of over 200 miles, Officers know a dog could be up to 1 hour away in most cases and further reductions are planned to ensure there is enough money to police the threat of terror.

Back in 2013 over 19,000 people supported #DontDitchTheDogs and tonight at 8pm you are invited to share your support.

Best from #DontDitchTheDogs 2017 

Mike Pannett standing by in the control room dogs at the ready

Two Police Dogs at the ready awaiting official orders from Mike Pannett,,, Ready Go Go Go.

Kay Young highlighted that police dogs are so valuable in keeping our streets safe.

Mandy Cook pointed out that it’s not just the police that are at critically low levels. His best freind is too.

One police dog is worth five officers


Our police dogs are the best in the world

Cute puppy in training holds a police cap.

Never underestimate the power of a Land Shark!


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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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