Terrorist who is fighting deportation given £250K taxpayers legal aid

A Terrorist who has been jailed within the UK for nine years is fighting deportation from the UK and he has been given £250K of taxpayers money in legal aid.

The person described as a Jihadist was jailed after arriving in the UK after police acted on a tip-off raided his home.

During the searches, police found terror manuals and instructions of how to carry out bombings on targets such as airports, job centres, schools and nightclubs.

They also found information on how to start and setup homegrown terror cells.

Now the Terrorist is fighting deportation after serving his sentence and has been awarded £250K legal aid.

The Home Office who are fighting his deportation has described him as  “the very model of a modern Al Qaeda terrorist.”

But the Terrorist believe and is arguing that removing him from the UK would breach his human rights because Jordan is likely to torture him.

The Daily Mail,  has obtained information that shows the Terrorist has won £210,000 in legal aid for his defence trial and another £40,000 to help towards the deportation,

The Terrorist has successfully won a legal bid that prevents his name being disclosed in the media due to fear he could be in more danger.