Jessica aged 13 was reported missing but she was sadly named a victim within the Grenfell Tower Fire.

Sadly Jessica has now been sadly confirmed as one of the 80 victims who tragically losts their lifes within the Grenfell Tower Fire.

The family of Jessica Urbano Ramiez aged 13 have issued an urgent appeal after a fire broke out in West London she was last seen being placed into the back of an ambulance.

Ana Ospina her aunt has posted the desperate appeal asking for news ‘My 13-year-old niece Jessie has become separated with her family in the #GrenfellTower Fire. Please if you see her get in touch ASAP.’

They believe she was last seen being placed into the back of an Ambulance. People are now being urged to help search hospitals or come forward if they see her by contacting 07919410974 or @MakeupAna on Twitter

Fire ripped through the 24-storey building happened in the early hours of Wednesday morning which left the devasting aftermath leaving thousands of families displaced and without anything apart from the clothes on their backs. Tragically a number of people died in the fire.

Tragically 12 people have sadly died within in the fire and much more remain missing. There is hope for Jessica as her family believe she was last seen getting into an Ambulance.

Police Hour has set up readers fundraiser to help raise as much as we can for the victims of the fire who have been left with nothing.