Sunderland: The men had to hold the women back to stop them fighting in the street.

A mass brawl broke out in Sunderland involving men and women, eventually, the Women had to be dragged off each other by the men in a mass brawl in Sunderland.

Police could be seen arresting people at one end of the road while a number of separate fights continued further up the road.

Police responded to reports of a disturbance in Sunderland City Centre last night as violence broke out after a day of boozing.

Officers were alerted to the mass brawl on Vine Place within Sunderland just after 10pm.

Video footage captured the moment that the street descended into complete chaos as a large group of well-dressed people spilled onto the streets and began brawling.

An eyewitness told Police Hour ‘The Street descended into pure chaos fighting all over the place, it was all family and friends fighting after a christening, They were all drunk and just started arguing next thing punches are being thrown and hair is being pulled”.

The video showed that women dragging each other across the streets, while the men joined in laying punches and kicks into each other.  Some members of the group had to drag the women away to stop them fighting.

A number of bouncers from a nearby bar attempted to stop the fighting to no avail and decided it was much safer to step back.

The fighting continued as police arrived, officers could be seen arrested a couple of men and women while brawling at the bottom end of Vine Place continued.

We have contacted Northumbria Police for comment.