Police Dog Loses job for being too friendly

Police dogs are terrifying and you would not want one locking onto your arm and dragging you to the ground while the teeth break the skin. Once they are in attack mode they are to be feared by all.

You just would not want to get in the way of a police dog. But Gavel is a different story.

Showing that not all police dogs are cut out for passing off the scary image. Gavel is just far too cute in fact he is too good-natured and over friendly who well just couldn’t pass off that terrifying image.

One-year-old pup Gavel is just too friendly says the Queensland Police Service in Australia, He would rather roll around than chasing criminals and sniffing out explosives, Instead, he is described as having an “overly-sociable temperament”.

Thankfully he won’t be jobless as he has now been selected to welcoming those coming to the Brisbane’s Government House as Governor Paul de Jersey’s official Vice-Regal Dog.