A mum has said a cream costing just £3.99 has cleared her little girl’s painful eczema.

Paige Sweeney aged 23 spent two years taking her daughter back and forth from a number of doctors and dermatologists.

During this time they tried loads of different steroid creams and antibiotics to try and clear it, But nothing worked.

The doctors recommended many different types of treatment to clear Evie-Rae eczema but nothing worked, the pain was getting worse and it was spreading across her wrists, mouth and legs.

Evie-Rae eczema was so bad she was waking up every night and scratching her skin until it bled.

Her mum Paige was out shopping and spotted the Childs Farm baby moisturiser from Boots and thought she would give the cream a go.


And the results were amazing within one week her eczema has completely disappeared.

Evie-Rae has been using the cream every day and her eczema still hasn’t made a comeback.

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