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Friday, May 29, 2020

Fake News Alert: Retired MI5 Agent did not confesses to killing Princess Diana on Deathbed

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Fake News Alert: Retired MI5 Agent did not confesses to killing Princess Diana on Deathbed 3
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood writes crime and policing news and graduated Teesside Uni with a degree in Crime & Investigation.

Millions of you will of this week heard that a retired Mi5 agent confessed on his deathbed that he killed Princess Diana.

The news took Facebook and Twitter by storm with millions believing that a Mi5 Agent made the confession on his death bed that he was ordered to kill Princess Diana in Paris.

The Fake news story was shared on the website Anto News Network and shares the conspiracy theory which blames British Agencies and the royal family for the Princess death.

The Fake News story 

It was reported John Hopkins aged 80 a retired Mi5 operative who worked as a hitman for the UK government claimed to have carried out 23 assassinations between 1973 and 1999.

The story claimed that Hopkins a 38-year-old veteran often involved discretely assassinating individuals who “posed a threat to national security”. 

It was claimed that John worked as part of a cell of seven people who were trusted to conduct political assassinations during a period he describes as “when MI5 operated with less external oversight”

It was claimed that Princess Diana was the only women he ever killed and that he only killed her for Queen and country with the whole operation being ran under strict control from Buckingham Palace in direct cooperation with the mainstream media.

What really happened?

The whole story is fake and there is no one called  John Hopkins who was on his death bed. 

Despite the story the conspiracy of who killed Princess Diana will go on. What we do know is Princess Diana died in August 1997 in Paris and a coroner’s jury ruled in 2008 that Diana and her boyfriend Dodi Al-Fayed were killed by the reckless actions of their driver and paparazzi.

Investigators testified that no British government agency was involved in her death. MI5, Britain’s domestic security agency, has a policy of not identifying current or past employees.

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