Act now urgent warning to parents as Snapchat introduces stalker feature show your exact location

Parents are being warned after Snapchat has updated a new feature that allows anyone to see the location of their child or teenager if they are using Snapchat.

The social media app introduced the new setting which allows users to share their location with the world or just their friends depending on their current discoverable settings. The shocking thing is many won’t know there exact location is being tracked in real time.

The feature was introduced as “whole new way to explore the world”. The app has automatically turned on the location sharing unless users switch into “ghost mode”.

Police Hour is urging parents to check the setting on their teens or children’s phones as the new feature is “invasive” and could pose a risk to youngsters who could be stalked or groomed by offenders online.

Parents should immediately activate ghost mode to stop the location of their children being tracked publically.

All someone has to do to find the exact location of your child is open Snapchat, load the map and search the local area those with their profile set to everyone means everyone using Snapchat in the local area can find your exact location, Those limited to just friends will mean any friends can track your location.