Whatsapp Scam doing the rounds be aware​!

There is a WhatsApp scam doing the rounds that has already seen people behind the scam make millions.

The Scam tells Whatsapp users that they are going to have to start paying for the service.

It’s demanded that they must then pay 99p to continue using the app, The scam is playing on the fact that when Whatsapp first launched you were required to pay a 99p fee to continue using the app after 12 months.

This is not the case and the app is completely free for all users now, Don’t fall victim to the scam.

Once you’ve made a payment of 99p they have your bank details and quickly ​start bleeding your accounts dry.

The people​ behind the scam have obtained a list of UK telephone numbers and have been sending out messages to the users with a high success rate of people paying the 99p.


The message states: “Your subscription has expired.

“To verify your account and purchase a lifetime subscription for just 0.99 GDP simply tap on this link…”fb-post.jpg

Your best bet is to delete the message as soon as it arrives and to run antivirus software if you have clicked the link.