Snapchat: Girl 14 brutally raped by two boys during house party

A Schoolgirl attending house party after hours of drinking she was raped by two teenage boys, the whole thing was then shared on Snapchat.

She had been dancing and drinking Vodka and Whisky before falling asleep. When she woke up the following day the teenage boy behind the party told her she had been raped and attacked with the whole thing shared on Snapchat.

He claimed that she had been raped by some boys at the party and that the images of the attack were being shared on Snapchat.


Police believe the girl was the youngest person at the party at Yarrow Point, Washington,  United States  was attended by over 200 teenagers


The girl was seen drinking large amounts of spirits before passing out, that is the last thing she can remember.

She woke up to pain in her stomach and blood on her shoes after her friends found her unconscious in the garage.

The next day screenshots started to be shared on Snapchat of her apparent ‘naked and bloody’ body. she had been brutally attacked and raped by two older teenagers.

Police are now quizzing two 16-year-old boys about the claims. Photos were reportedly taken from one of their phones.