Sick trolls say Bradley Lowery is dead, He is alive have some respect

Sick trolls have claimed that Bradley Lowery is dead sparking floods of RIP messages to be sent to the family.

At one point RIP Bradley was trending on Twitter after it was falsely claimed that the little chap had died.

People have been urged to stop posting and sharing RIP Bradley messages, which was shared on social media this afternoon.

A spokesperson for Bradley Lowery said “Bradley is very much alive and kicking, when and if anything was to happen you will be the first to hear on the official Bradley Lowery’s Fight against neuroblastoma Facebook page”

Bradley Lowery has been having some radiotherapy on Friday which has made him tired, however, he is still happy and smiling

“His pain in his leg is so much better but he has now got a lot of pain in his side. He is having a quiet weekend and back to hospital for radio therapy on Tuesday to try get pain under control.”

It’s lovely to see you smiling.