Sick and Twisted Moors murderer Ian Brady has died

The Moors murderer Ian Brady who killed five children has died, Ashworth Hospital has confirmed.

He carried out the murders alongside Myra Hindley between 1963 and 1965, they sexually assaulting their victims and burying many of their bodies on Saddleworth Moor in the south Pennines.

When he was sentenced in 1966, the judge said he was “wicked beyond belief”.

One of the victims Keith Bennett has still never been found fifty years despite the belief that Brady knowing the location that he buried him on the moors.

Hours before Brady died he was urged to do the right thing and reveal the location of the body of Keith Bennett.

A Mersey Care NHS Foundation Trust spokesman said: “We can confirm a 79-year-old patient in long term care at Ashworth High Secure Hospital has died after becoming physically unwell.”

We’d like to take a moment to honour and respect the indvidual police officers and detectives that brought these two to justice.