Whitburn street in Hartlepool is closed following a serious incident.

Approximately 8 police units responded to the incident at a house within the street just after 10am.

Hartlepool Street closed following a serious incident  1
Paramedics also attended the scene.

A police cordon is currently in place. A large number of police officers remain at the scene.

Hartlepool Street closed following a serious incident  2
An eyewitness told Police Hour that police attended an address within the street and their was a disturbance.

Shortly after more police units arrived followed by paramedics.

A Cleveland Police spokesperson told Police Hour “Officers attended an address on Whitburn Street, Hartlepool, at around 10.15am this morning as part of an ongoing inquiry.

“Whilst at the address, a man took ill and officers administered first aid and called for an ambulance. The man is now being taken to hospital.”