#GE2017 10,000 extra cops pledge as Labour promises to bring back the bobbies

The Labour Party has just promised to bring back the bobbies, Well 10K extra cops on the beat.

They have promised if they win the General Election they’ll be putting an extra 10,000 “bobbies on the beat”.

Diane Abbott MP, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, “Theresa May failed to protect communities as Home Secretary and has continued to fail them as Prime Minister.

“Labour will reverse the Tories’ tax breaks for the rich, providing new money that can be used to put a bobby on the beat in every electoral ward in the country.

“We will reinforce confidence in our police forces, with a renewed focus on working with communities, and for communities to fight crime.”

Labour has argued that the number of police officers in England and Wales has fallen by 20K since 2010, a large number of surveys shows that crime is increasing.