Eight-year-old boy kills himself two days after being attacked at school!

Tragically an eight-year-old school boy who was being bulled at school has killed himself.

Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Taye committed suicide just two days after he was beaten unconscious by his class mates.

The Ohio School boy sadly took his life after Carson Elementary School told his mum that their was no evidence that Gabe was being bullied and he had simply fainted.

Worrying footage was then uploaded to social media of Gabe being violently attacked in the toilets of the school.

During the video a boy is assaulting other children in the bathroom before Gabe walks in.

Family Attorney, Jennifter Branch commented that Gabe attempted to shake the hand of the other boy before he was pulled forward and slammed into a wall knocking him unconscious for seven-and-a-half minuets.



When Gabe went home following the attack he vomited and was taken to hospital where the family were told he must have a stomach flu, Gabe took the following day off school and returned the next day.

Just a few hours after Gabe returned home from school he was found dead in his bedroom by his devistaed mum.