Councils across the country are refusing to cremate Child Killer Ian Brady

The cremation of child killer is proving to be a problem for his executor as councils are simply saying no.

Sefton Council have ruled themselves out of cremating the child killer saying ‘the simple answer is no’.

Now a number of councils are also refusing to cremate his body,  A spokesman for Sefton Council said: “Ourselves, as an authority, have not been approached by his executor to cremate his body,

“The simple answer, if asked, would be a no.”

Brady was born in Glasgow and Glasgow City Council has said they would refuse any request for the killer to be cremated in the area.

“We have not had such a request but we would refuse that request.

“We would advise the private crematoria not to accept the request or any such request should it be forthcoming. There has not been any request made.”

Oldham Council has also been ruled out by Brady’s lawyer, Robin Makin, due to Saddleworth Moors being the location he buried four of his child victims.

A Merseyside Police spokesman said: “Responsibility for the body has now transferred to the executor of Ian Brady’s will and Merseyside Police has no further involvement.”