Cocaine users moan that new fivers are stopping them snorting

The new polymer bank notes have been having an unintended effect which is stopping people from snorting cocaine. Not one of the worst problems to have really is it.

It is being reported that the new notes are cutting their noses to bits when they are attempting to sniff the drug.

Users have already nicked named it being ‘Winstoned’ due to Churchill’s image being printed on the notes,

The stiff and plastic texture makes the note perfect for rolling however when it comes to snorting they are cutting their noses to bits.

What a shame hey, Drug advice centres are now warning those not to use the notes because there is a risk of those sharing the fivers leaving blood on the notes from the previous person which can be absorbed through the nose lining along with the drug.

Meaning if the blood is infected with Hep C or HIV there is a risk of spreading the infection, increases with greater damage on the inside of the nose and the more you use.