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Sir Tom Winsor #ITookItHome

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Sir Thomas Winsor has made some interesting comments on Sky News during a live interview on Thursday 20th April he was talking about the difficulty some UK Police forces have in terms of recruiting and retaining detectives.

He believes the whole thing is down to detectives having more stress than front line response officers, The words Mr Winsor used has damaged the moral of front line policing and gave him very little credibility as the head of Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

Winsor himself has no policing experience said that one of the problems detectives face is that they are not paid anymore that regular cops despite having specialist skills.

Winsor then went on to make one of the most unbelievable statements ‘Detectives have a more stressful job than response or neighbourhood police officers because in the main response officers do not take their work home with them.’

This unbelievable statement has caused a massive outcry of frontline police officers, detectives and generated a level support from the public. His comments shocking many. These disrespectful comments show that Winsor is not suitable for his current role.

It is a very sad fact that police officers within this country take home a lot with them, every single police officer has experienced some harrowing situations the memory of every single dead body they have seen is imprinted into their memory. The death of children in horrific murders imprinted, the inability to save someone jumping from a bridge to their death and being unable to do anything positive to change that situation.

Standing at someones front door knowing moments later they will be screaming for their loved ones to be back, They will hear their every heartbeat as they knock on the door and deliver the news that their loved one has sadly passed.

Police Officers in the UK and around the world do take a lot home with them, British policing is very emotional and stressful. That police officer could have just walked away from a situation where they have saved a life or put someone’s life in direct danger, that police officer will drive away from that job thinking have I done the right thing, they will lie in bed tonight thinking have they made the right decision, playing every second back in their head. Will that person in that job they’ve just attended still be alive tomorrow because they can’t end the domestic abuse. when that person dies they will take home that it was their fault and their decision could have changed everything.

Sadly all emergency service workers in the UK including the Ambulance and Fire Service will carry every single moment of every single tragic event they attend with them and they will never forget those things when they go to bed at night and all of those harrowing incidents have been highlighted under #ITookHome on Twitter.

The thing is every police officer will take home with them their first sudden death and every single death after that, the smell and taste will stay with them they will remember exactly what they ate for tea that night after work and they will have sat there for hours staring at the wall with the tv playing in the background with the image of that dead body with them all night. They will take that home and every single tragic and harrowing event afterwards.

They will attend horrific child abuse children living in awful houses, in awful condition with no clean clothes their parents drunk and drugged out of their minds they will take that home. every officer will be able to recall tragic and traumatic incidents that they just don’t leave at work they are imprinted forever, they do not just go. Cops are human.

See the thing is Sir Thomas Winsor your suggestions that detectives are more stressed because of the risk of mistake and missing evidence is wrong because I would argue that front line policing is as equally stressful because it carries the exact same risk, if not more.

When a frontline cop makes a mistake or an armed police officer makes that spilt-second decision to pull the trigger they are suspended and hauled before the IPCC, they face prosecution and the misconduct charges.

The thing is our cops and detectives will continue to serve us proudly, they will run into the dangers, they will remember our fallen heroes and they will take it all home while we continue to run away, and stay protected.



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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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