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Reported Missing highlights the great work our officers do and the fears children face

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BBC One’s Reported Missing has left viewers overwhelmed and praising the good work our officers are doing every day to help find and return missing children.

The hard-hitting documentary showed the perspective of parents and missing children, highlighting the harsh reality that children are running away from home because they fear to lose their friends and being bullied at school.

The first programme of its kind highlighted Durham Police picking up the pieces for the families of bullied school children.

Talking to the officers, parents and those children who went missing about their feelings, fears and joy of being reunited with a missing child.

One of the boys featured within the programme was 12-year-old Joshua who was found 42 miles away from home following a huge scale police operation to find him.

When asked why he went missing he said: “it’s hard to be a kid that’s not normal and gets bullied and punched in the face by other kids”.

Being bullied at school was the reason Joshua ran away leaving his single mum fearing the worst, He had travelled 42 miles without a penny in his pocket.

The police officer who travelled from Durham to Northumbria to collect Joshua has been hailed brilliant officer and a true credit to Durham Police for the way he handled and made relations to Joshua love of superheroes to ensure he came back home to high worried mum.

Making the comparison to his bedroom as a place of safety when he feels scared and fears being bullied.

Another missing child named Kaite left a suicide note and sent text messages to her only friend telling her she was running away and going to kill herself.

Katie thanked her friend for being the best friend anyone could ask for before running away and sparking a major search that lasted hours.

Her mum spoke of her fear that she had failed to protect her own daughter from those who were hurting her and bullying her at school.

PC Matt Gunby described how he felt while supporting Katie’s, many have hailed him a great officer who handled the case very well, under very difficult circumstances. PC Gunby stayed with Katie’s mum updating her constantly and trying to gather as much information about missing Katie as possible to help units on the ground locate her.

During an interview he describes how he can relate to Kaite’s story having been bullied himself at school.

Reported Missing highlighted that more should be done within schools to prevent bullying and that those who go missing are crying out for help.

We would highly recommend if you missed Reported Missing that you head over to iPlayer and watch it.

When a missing person is reunited with a family member it is just the start of another story.

Help and support is on hand If you would like some help or support missing people are here 24 hours a day they can talk to you right now by phone + txt on 116 000 + email [email protected]

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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