Police Officers across England and Wales are set to have their custodian helmets taken away which have historically been used my police officers since 1863.

The Met Police first introduced the traditional helmet worn by male police constables and Sergeants on foot patrol.

Now it has been announced that these will be replaced by a less traditional baseball cap so that officers look more modern, fit in with the younger generation and save thousands of pounds along the way.

Cheshire Police was the first force to introduce the new controversial american-style baseball cap for frontline officers.

Police Officers will no longer wear custodian helmets under new radical cuts 1A proposal for the new headgear was first put forward in summer 2014 Since then, much work has gone on behind the scenes testing out the new caps to see how they work on the frontline – and surveying the public to get their thoughts on the new look.

Now the Home Office loves the idea and will soon be rolling out the baseball caps nationally to all forces and by 2020 all forces will be wearing the new baseball caps instead of the custodian.

Don’t worry it’s only Police Hour pulling an April Fools Day article joke… But before you pass it off as an April fools last year we said that Drones would be taking over police patrols fast forward a year and we’ve lost a number of air support units and introduced 24-hour drone units. 

So it could well just turn out to be true.