Police are on the hunt for the ‘Geordie Aviator’ after he posted a selfie on Twitter while doing 50MPH on a motorway, after his reflection gave the game away

The Geordie Aviator can been seen clearly holding his phone in his left hand while the steering with his right hand.

Police are now looking for the man who gave himself away with the reflection in his sunglasses. He look the opportunity the day before his wedding tweeting “Last night as a single man. Married man as of tomorrow. Scary times.”

Police hunt driver who posted selfie while doing 50MPH on motorway 1

But his tweet did not go unnoticed as Northumbria Police picked up the tweet and responded  “It is people like this who end up destroying people’s lives through their own stupidity. Please get in touch and we’ll send you your wedding present. £200 fine and six points.”