Game of Fool or No fool are these calls to 999 real or not

Avon and Somerset Police HQ Call Centre has launched a game of Real or Not real to highlight the type of calls they get to the control room.

They started with a tweet saying “I want to report some strange behaviour there’s a man who is paying people to smell his feet!” users Twitter were then required to vote to see if the tweet was real.

Another said “I need a helicopter to take me from Kingswood to Staple Hill, don’t worry if you are busy though”.

Another “Caller on 999 asking for the police to come to his address to “change the time on his phone”.

“My Neighbour has just replaced the 4ft fence panels with 6ft fence panels, they only have 4ft fence posts this doesn’t look right and probably won’t last”.

Another “a lady called 999 and stated it’s not an emergency, she was trying to report that she had received four letters delivered to her address in somebody else’s name from the council”.