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Career take off Fast Track Police Constable to Inspector

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Candidate Insight“I know that it was my best interview to date”.

My Nemesis

I contacted Steve for some help with promotion interviews. For a long time I had struggled with interviews; I didn’t know how to get the right amount of detail in my answers whilst managing my time. Interviews had turned into my nemesis and the more I worried about them the worse I performed. As a result I failed my Sergeants promotion board in 2016.

On the spot 

After failing this board I promised myself that I wouldn’t let it happen again. I went back to the drawing board and targeted my areas for development, I decided to apply for Fast Track to really test my skills and abilities – to be honest I never expected to get through paper sift stage. I found Steve online and got in touch via email, he was very prompt in his reply and said he was more than happy to help me with my Fast Track development. We agreed what I’d like to get out of the session beforehand – I wanted to be put on the spot, asked some difficult questions and I wanted Steve to be honest with where I was and how I could improve.

A week later we had a Skype coaching session. This was the first time I have done this kind of coaching. We went through introductions and then went through some Sergeant and Inspector level questions. Steve provided detailed feedback for each response I gave, it was reassuring that I actually was better than I thought.

A dry run

It really helped doing a ‘dry run’ with someone that didn’t know me and could give objective feedback about my strengths and weaknesses. Steve was very knowledgeable and his experience shone through. After the session Steve kept in touch and sent me articles and information that would help in my preparation – this was unexpected and showed his commitment to me getting the right result – thanks Steve.

I came out top!

The coaching with Steve undoubtedly made the difference this time as I came out top of an in-force Fast Track assessment centre. I passed a competency-based interview, followed by an interview with Chief Officers. I was then selected as one of only two people from my force to attend the College of Policing for the Fast Track Assessment.

I just completed the assessment… major difference this time: I felt comfortable and confident going into my interview component. I was reassured I had done the right preparation and targeted the right areas. My responses were detailed, to the point and all within the strict time limits. I know that it was my best interview to date. I am now seeing a steady improvement in an area that troubled me for years!

“A no brainer, worth every penny”.

Using career coaching is a great way to benchmark yourself and develop some sticking points in your development – it has really helped me. Using Steve was a no-brainer because of his skills and experience. The service is worth every penny and the personal commitment that Steve gives goes above and beyond”

Case Study – Fast track Promotion Success –  PC to Inspector

Coaching insight – “My role is to build awareness, responsibility and self belief. That’s a powerful combination”.

The return on investment (ROI) for those who achieve success on the National College of Policing’s Fast Track PC to Inspector Scheme is significant. Given the salary and pension increase alone you might argue the ROI over the candidate’s career is astronomical. You might also agree that ROI benefits the wider police service.  Whilst many officers may aspire to this career pathway, the selection process is a tough one. ‘Going it alone’ can often result in excellent potential remaining…as exactly that.

A bit of the right support at the right time can make all the difference in maximising potential and yet many still believe and think of ROI as ‘risk of investment’.  This client was kind enough to share some insights into his experience, having decided to invest in career coaching as part of his action plan to achieve his goal.

As a coach/mentor I love what I do. I’ve coached officers at my house, their house, a garden centre, a motorway service station, a police station, parade room, a conference centre, a hotel foyer, a pub, by telephone and virtually via Skype and FaceTime.

My role is to build awareness, responsibility and self belief. That’s a powerful combination. I do that by asking questions and offering suggestions to identify gaps, to focus and direct effort and to maximise your potential. I challenge basic assumptions, highlight opportunities, offer guidance and keep the conversation on track to ensure progress is achieved.

With the new Competence and Values Framework (CVF) being introduced, some smart hard work was also required to prepare effectively and was an important element in achieving the ‘right result’ as described. The best part of my work is getting that call from a successful candidate. Hearing the elation in the individual’s voice, sharing that experience even just for a moment is what it’s all about. I’ve had dozens of such calls in the last couple of years and I never tire of receiving them. I’m awaiting others right now!


To kick start your promotion journey please click here to Steve Cooper.

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Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper
Steve Cooper writes expert promotion content to support the development of UK police officers.

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