You could be breaking the law, Police will issue £200 contactless drive-thru fines

Cleveland Police is warning drivers they will be fined if they are caught using contactless payments while behind the wheel.

The new mobile phone laws means anyone who touches their phone while the engine is running is breaking the law and could be prosecuted for using a smartphone to pay for food at drive-thrus.

Cleveland Police has now issued advice for people to switch off their engine when paying for food using contactless payments or they could face a hefty £200 fine.

New laws, which came into force in March, mean drivers could be fined £200 and hit with six penalty points if they use their phone while driving.

Cleveland Police confirmed that touching a mobile phone with the engine running is against the law in all circumstances even a drive-thru lane.

Cleveland Police said “We have got to take a common sense approach, but ultimately the law states you shouldn’t use your phone with your engine running,”

Drivers are urged to turn the engine off and apply the handbrake when making a contactless payment.