Lockdown: Police Officer Stabbed during Westminster attack Incident

A number of police officers are believed to have been attacked with a knife in Westminster.

Moments before a number of people were mowed down on Westminster Bridge.

A police officer was then attacked with a knife and the offender was shot by armed officers.

Police Officers are currently searching the Houses Of Parliment floor by floor to ensure there is no other attackers.

Parliment was instantly placed on Lockdown following the incident which the Met Police treat as a ‘Armed incident’ which is believed to have begun on Westminster Bridge where a number of people were hit by a 4×4.

The 4×4 then smashed into the railings at the Houses Of Parliment, The attacker then confronted and attacked a Police Officer and managed to get into the grounds and was shot by officers.

The Police Officer and the attacker are believed to have been seriously injured.

Westminster tube station has also been closed.  Eyewitnesses describe seeing a man with a knife within the confines of the Palace, while the journalist Quentin Letts described seeing a “parliamentary security men shoot a man who had attacked a policeman”.

The Prime Minster was rushed away from the scene by security services on bluelights.

Police Officers are reported to have given CPR to two people who were laid on the ground on Westminster Bridge, the 4×4 is believed to have driven the whole length of the bridge on the pavement.

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