Parents warned as school kids targeted with Spice drug

Credit: Manchester Evening News!

Parents are being warned that they should warn their youngsters of the dangers of a legal high named ‘Spice’.

The drug which this week was reported to be leaving homeless people walking in a zombie-like state, motionless and kneeling over can be bought for less than a fiver.

The shocking warning comes as the drug is flooding the streets of Britain with dealers looking to target secondary school teens who like to hang about the streets after dark, drink alcohol and smoke.

Adults have already been rushed to hospital following a huge surge in the use of the drug, but now it is feared that school kids are being targeted.

One man who does not wish to be named has admitted: “School children are being targeted with Spice because it’s cheap and selling for very low prices”.

The price of Spice means it is attractive to children outside the school gates on a Friday night.

We know there are many thousands of children who would never go near the stuff, but we know there is always kids hanging around the streets drinking and smoking. These are the children being targeted at the school gates.

There has already been a huge spike in accident and emergency admissions related to the drug.