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National Police Crisis now is the time to support and protect our frontline cops

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For many years Police Hour has campaigned and supported the protection of front line officers, We warned that decreasing officer number would have a significant impact we are now warning that we are within a ‘National Policing Crisis’ a claim which is backed by the findings of the HM Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC).

They have reported that the state of British policing is now a ‘national crisis’ which is now leaving members of the public at an ‘unacceptable risk’.

Within the UK we have some of the best officers and most dedicated police officers, where we let them down is we overwork them and this government fails to provide them with the basic funding to do the job they are passionate about.

Which we believe has to lead to the findings of this report which showed that victims are being let down suspects are being left to walk the streets freely and unsolved cases are being shelved because of the inability to perform the basic functions of policing.

And this government has a lot to answer to with regards to those failings within policing not out police leaders who have been doing the best they can with the tools they have. For many years they have fired warning shots that policing is stretched and they don’t know how long they can continue with the tools they have been provided.

The result of the crime victims has been massive because those offenders have not been brought to justice people who have been raped have never seen their offender brought to justice.

Family members have had loved ones brutally murdered with the killer being free to walk the streets this is what our government has done to British policing.

And why have these offenders not been caught? because there is a national shortage of detectives and front-line response officers, the eyes and ears on the ground Police Community Support officers (PCSO have been cut.

Often PSCO’s are now crewed with response cops due to their not being enough coppers on the ground.

The HMIC has found that:

  • Emergency calls were being downgraded in order to justify a slower response and failings in responding to vulnerable victims
  • Details of 67,000 suspects had not been placed on the police national computer
  • Fewer arrests were being made
  • A large number of crimes were effectively “written off”
  • In too many cases “insufficient action” was being taken
  • Inexperienced officers were left to carry out complex investigations such as rape cases

For the first time in British Policing, we now face a national crisis and the HMIC has bow issued a ‘red flag’ warning.

The HMIC has said that this is the first time a national crisis of shortage of officers has occurred.

leading to excessive workloads and complex investigations being led by those who do not have the experience of such complex investigations.

HM Inspector Zoe Billingham warned: “Over the last few years, HMIC has said consistently that police forces were managing well in increasingly difficult circumstances.

“Nonetheless, today, I’m raising a red flag to warn forces of the consequences of what is, to all intents and purposes, an unconscious form of rationing of police services.”Durham was the only force judged to be “outstanding”, 28 forces were rated as “good”, 13 “require improvement”, but Bedfordshire was declared “inadequate”.

Durham Constabulary was the only force within the UK judged to be “outstanding”, 28 forces were rated as “good”, 13 “require improvement”, but Bedfordshire was declared “inadequate”.

Sir Tom Winsor reforms

During the time Theresa May was Home Secretary she appointed Tom Winsor to oversee cuts to policing or what they coined them reformed.

Forcing cuts to policing and extreme reforms that would have a significant blow to policing.  Officers on the ground warned that these would have massive impacts on policing and would result in more crime and less criminals being caught.

Winsor famously reviewed the police pay and conditions having had no previous policing experience.

He was asked to look at policing reforms having came from a rail background producing the Winsor report. Which outraged thousands of serving police officers.

Winsor failed to engage with serving police officers before pushing forward his reforms that proved damaging to British policing.

He lowered the starting rate for new recruits, he introduced policing performance payments and yearly fitness tests for officers.

Increased the police officer pension age to 60 meaning officers would have to work until they were 60 for a full pension.

Winsor made it a requirement for all police recruits to have a policing qualification before they are allowed to enter the police.

But he made suggestions of reform that had such a financially impact on policing that there would eventually be consequences to the cuts.

Warning of Cuts 

Sir Tom Winsor constantly warned that the police should be further cut and always said that policing cuts are here to stay.

He once said ‘ there is plenty of room for more cuts to policing. He suggested that these cuts could be made possible by focusing on more serious crime.’ and that his focus was that ‘Police officers should be focusing on working in a smarter way.’

For destroying policing he was knighted Sir Tom Winsor.

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news. Tweet your news and views to @TrevSherwoodPH

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