Man wanted to dress boy as baby with bottle, dummy and nappy arrested in Newcastle

Credit: Dark Justice

A sick man currently on bail for wanting to meet a 15-year-old boy following suspected child sexual grooming has been caught twice by the same group attempting to meet another boy.

Dark Justice caught the man who cannot be named for legal reasons in Exhibition park, Newcastle while on bail for similar offences.

This time he was attempting to meet another 15-year-old but wanted to dress him as a baby and brought with him a bottle, dummy and a nappy.

Dark Justice said he wanted to play ‘his mam’ and brought women’s clothes for himself to wear.

Dark Justice admitted while filming this guy he ‘confessed to having sex with a girl aged 14 while he was baby-sitting her because she wouldn’t go to bed’ Dark Justice claimed this ‘was possibly the most harrowing confrontation they’ve had to deal with’.

Dark Justice never name anyone they have caught until they’ve gone through the legal system to avoid the cases getting thrown out of court.


The man is currently in police custody and awaiting being processed through custody and will face a police interview under caution.

Hopefully Dark Justice have collected enough evidence to remand the suspected Paedophile in custody to ensure no more children are harmed by this man.

Well done Scott and Calum.