Credit: Police Hour Victoria Road Hartlepool

Cleveland Police have arrested a man following a disturbance involving security staff Hartlepool.

Officers were called at 2 pm after security workers detained a suspected shoplifter.

Man arrested after disturbance involving security staff in Hartlepool 1
Credit: Police Hour

Police arrested the man on Victoria Road in Hartlepool following a foot chase from Middleton Grange Shopping centre.

During the chase, items were thrown onto the roof of a local medical centre and a female member of security staff was punched in the face.

He then proceeded to head butt another security guard. 

An eye witness told Police Hour “A number of security staff were chasing the suspect a man in a long brown coat down the ramp in Hartlepool shopping centre, At the end of the ramp a scuffle took place and the man punched a female member of security staff”

“He began running again and then was taken to the floor on Victoria road, security staff quickly caught up and officers arrived on the scene soon after”.

He was quickly arrested on suspicion of assault and theft and in currently in police custody.