Father pays for elderly woman shopping after her card is declined

These are the little acts in life that restore your faith in humanity and we promise you this is one of those articles that will make you feel all warm inside.

A Father with two young children had just been served in a supermarket when he noticed an elderly lady was having trouble making a payment using her debit card.

Ryan O’Donnell, 34, then stepped in and saved the day. What a ‘hero’ Ryan was shopping at Wyoming Coles, he paid for her shopping after her card kept declining.

He stopped what he was doing and spoke to the cashier and requested how much the balance was which was $44, her card kept declining due to insufficient funds.

He then said to the cashier here is $50 just take it out of that.

The Elderly lady was having none of it and wanted to repay him, he told her it’s only $44 you’ll be right, enjoy your day.

What a great person, taking the time out of his day to help someone in need. We could all take a lesson out of Ryan’s book.