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Protection for Paedos three most notorious paedophile’s killed in prison over the years

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You may not be aware but a number of paedophiles have been brutally murdered in prison or took their own lives due to the fear of attack.

Some of Britain’s most Notorious attackers have been dealt prison justice by fellow inmates who were sickened victims crimes.

Baby Rapist took his life

In 2016 one of the UKs most notorious baby rapists killed himself after fellow inmates took out contracts to attack him.

After inflicting everlasting damage on children he couldn’t take the damage himself and took his own life.

James King filmed himself raping a three-month-old baby, found unconscious in his cell at HMP Bristol in January 2016.

Inmates were going to pour sugar and hot water over his head which can cause painful burns and they wanted to give him a black eye or two.

Serial rapist disembowelled for raping schoolgirl at Frankland Prison

In 2011 serial sex attacker Mitchell Harrison aged 23 was discovered disembowelled in his cell at Frankland Prison.

He was murdered with murdered with razor blades melted into toothbrush, for the rape of a 13-year-old girl

Prison wardens went inside his cell and were greeted with Harrison disembowelled body his is abdomen was exposed, his small intestine was protruded. He had been lured into the cell and held down before the brutal attack

Harrison was caged for multiple offences against school girls however it was his attack on a 13-year-old that landed him in prison after he lured the girl into his Kendal flat. He ordered the schoolgirl to strip before raping her twice.

He’d already been given a formal warning for indecently assaulting a seven-year-old and 15-year-old.

Serial Paedophile Robert Coello stamped to death 

in 2010 a serial paedophile was stamped to death at HMP Grendon, The bus driver was convicted of four counts of rape against a child who was found lying in a pool of blood.

He admitted four rapes and 12 other sexual assaults against school girls before he was stamped to death.

Two inmates lured him into a cell and stamped him to death for his evil crimes against children.

HMP Grendon at the time housed 200 of the most disturbed inmates in the UK.

Protection for Paedophile’s

When a Paedophile is caught there is always a public outcry and demands to hang these offenders for their sick offences. And rightly or wrongly we all want instant justice and that person to be hung drawn and quartered.

To be fair at the end of the day these are children we are talking about, and now these children have been damaged by these sick offenders.

But should we be safeguarding these offenders in prison and forcing them to serve their entire sentence or do you believe inmate justice is working?

The real concern

What damage are these offenders doing to our children, how many have turned to drugs and alcohol to hide the pain and damage and now gone astray because of the physical and mental damage a ‘Dirty Paedo’ has caused.

Blogs published on Police Hour do not represent the views of Police Hour

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Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood
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