Attempted baby abduction from Great Ormond Street Hospital

Police have arrested a man and woman for allegedly trying to abduct a baby from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH).

Officers held the couple after arrested after going to the hospital with the image of a premature baby in an incubator.

They claimed it was their child and had been transferred there from the Royal London Hospital.

GOSH made contact with the Royal London hospital to check out the story and were informed they had no records of a premature baby being transferred. Police were alerted.

Inspector Paul Clarke, of the Met Police, said: “The actions of the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital in making all of the necessary checks and the quick response of police in arresting a couple prevented what could have been a very frightening and harrowing incident.”

A spokesperson for Great Ormond Street Hospital said: “Thankfully this type of incident is exceptionally rare.

“We are pleased that staff at the hospital acted so swiftly and calmly to ensure the safety of all our patients.”

The 31-year-old man and 25-year-old woman are currently on bail, with the condition that they must not enter a hospital unless they are suffering a medical emergency.