Anger as sniffer dog Grizz shot dead after delaying flights

A 10-month-old sniffer dog in training who escaped its handler has been shot dead because it caused flights to be delayed.

Grizz a Bearded Collie-German Shorthaired Pointer cross escaped at around 4.30am on Thursday morning as he was being loaded into a van at a New Zealand Airport.

The puppy made his way to a secure area and could not be coaxed back to the public part of the airport which caused 16 domestic and international flights to be delayed.

Grizz was just six months away from graduating was on the loose for three-and-a-half hours before he was shot dead by police.

Police had called in off-duty handlers who tried everything to catch Grizz before the decision¬†that they’d have to shoot him.

Police staff and the puppy’s handler are all absolutely devastated by his death.

The costs of training a sniffer dog like Grizz are £56,000, they will now launch an investigation and see what lessons can be learned.