UK Killer Clown Craze first idiot jailed after chasing pregnant woman with axe

A stupid teenager who chased a pregnant woman with an axe while dressed as a “killer clown” has been jailed 

The woman was that fearful she hurled a brick off his head. 

Micheal March aged 18 will now spend the next six months in jail. Becoming the first UK Killer Clown to be jailed. 

Police were called after he scared a couple walking past him as he banged an axe on the ground just after 9pm on the night before Halloween last year.

Mr March told Newcastle Crown Court he accepted his actions were “foolish and reckless” and it must have been frightening for the couple.
Judge Hill added: “Brandishing an axe and threatening people in the street is serious whatever the context.”

“The fact you were wearing a clown mask is an aggravating factor because it increased the fear they would have experienced and secondly it was a way of disguising who you were,”.