Paedophile Ex of Karen Matthews beaten up by three men

Credit: West Yorkshire Police

The paedophile ex-boyfriend of Karen Matthews has been beaten up by three men, it has been claimed by a friend.

Craig Meehan was attacked just days after the BBC drama aired which showed the story of the kidnapping of his ex-girlfriend’s daughter Shannon Matthews.

Meehan was convicted and sentenced to 20-weeks in jail for possessing child sex abuse images after police searched his computer while investigating the disappearance of nine-year-old Shannon in 2008.

The 30-year-old has been using an assumed name and living in a secret location following his release. He has been relocated five times since 2008.

It has been claimed that Meehan was spotted and chased by three men and then beaten up. He was just getting used to being able to leave the house and walk to the betting shop without fear. The whole incident has left him shaken up.

Meehan is reported to have suffered bruising to his face and had suspected concussion but refused to go to the hospital.