Heartwarming: PCSO helps woman who got lost on way to bus stop

A PSCO has gone the extra mile to help an elderly lady who got lost on her way to the bus stop.

Police Community Support Officer Dave Bunker aged 49 stepped in to assist the woman with her shopping bag as she got lost on her way home in Skegness.

Inspector Colin Haigh proclaimed that it was Community Police at it’s best saying ‘Policing is not just crime fighting and we spend a lot of time protecting the most vulnerable.

‘Actions like this are performed by officers every day in Lincolnshire and the rest of the country, they just aren’t captured very often.’

PSCO Bunker said he was just doing his job, this kinda thing happens everyday ‘A lot of PCSOs do this sort of thing every day, all over the country.

‘It’s our bread and butter work.’