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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Marine A Sgt Blackman’s appeal to be heard by five top judges because of cases growing importance

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A special court of five of Britain’s most senior judges will hear the appeal of jailed Royal Marine Alexander Blackman.

The special court appeal is a growing sign of the cases significance and importance.

Five of Britain’s top judges including Lord Chief Justice Lord Thomas will oversee the appeal.

Cases such as this would only usually have two or three judges.

Sgt Blackman known as Marine A was jailed for life for murder after shooting a wounded Taliban fighter in Afghanistan.

The Case of Sgt Blackman is expected to lead to a landmark ruling which will impact the fate of other troops facing criminal charges.

The case highlights how important Parliment believe the case is and how angry members of the public are with his sentence.

Members of the public are furious at the lack of understanding and support for British troops in war zones.

The case is going to be heard at the Royal Courts Of Justice in London on February 8th and 9th.

Sgt Blackman who is serving time at HMP Erlestoke in Wiltshire won his right to a fresh appeal.

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Marine A Sgt Blackman's appeal to be heard by five top judges because of cases growing importance 3
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